Hidden Luck Ranch

showing quality mini rex rabbits

Hidden Luck Ranch

   Established 09/16/2009                                      ARBA Rabbitry Reg # C1122

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This is Allison Stewart with her BIS, BOB winner SR Rew buck and Nathan and Nicole with the BOS winner JR otter doe HLR'S ARIZONA on the right and HLR'S Cashing In on the left.....

About Us

Let me tell you a little about us....
Hi my name is Anna my wonderful family and I have been showing Mini Rex since June 2009.
 We are very  excited to take part of such a neat hobby!
How it all began..... 
 Nicole asked me if she could join 4H and get a show bunny. I started doing research to find out more about this neat hobby. It became clear that this hobby would be so much fun for her! We all agreed to let her get a show bunny...
Now to figure out what breed to get.......
In our search for the perfect rabbit breed for Nicole to show, we stumbled across a website with mini rex otters for sale. They were so beautiful we just knew we were on to something. After a LOT of research it became obvious to us  that the mini rex would be a perfect match for our daughter. This breed seemed to have it all, warm dispositions, small size, color, and something special... the fur!! 
When we brought our first mini rex home for Nicole, we all just knew we had made the right decision. Taos made my whole family ohh and ahh over his coat and made our hearts melt with his loving little personality. Soon after Nathan and I both decided we wanted to show too, why let Nicole have all the fun?!! LOL
Little did we know....
At the first show some one told me rabbits were like chips,you can't have just one.
 Boy were they right HA! Just look at us now! We have started our own breeding program! I will gladly warn anyone just strictly wanting one rabbit to show, that one might turn into a bunch more!!!;)
Our herd was established by acquiring beautiful mini rex from across the country. Our goal was to bring in the very best stock we could. We have been so blessed to have met and acquired our mini rex from some top mini rex breeders. Our main lines include Otter Delight's, Casablanca, Queens of Camelot, Comparts, (EzDae's, Tiffiane's, Maximus, and Phonecian), Higher Ground Farm, KT'S Bunny Barn, Kings, Scotcha's, Minnow Lakes, and Kelly's .  Without the help of some incredible breeders we would not have the special bunnies that we do. Thank you is just not enough, we are so truly grateful for each one of ya'll!! We are so proud to have the bunnies that reside here at Hidden Luck Ranch.

Mission statement of Hidden Luck

 That we will always keep our morals and values so high in our expectations of ourselves that others can see them through our actions and behavior and in the care of our animals. Because of our strong values, that we hold ourselves to, we will continue to pride ourselves in being the best we can be at all times. We will never derail from or sacerfice our beleifs in any way in order to win or to gain unrightously!